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Should Coffee Shop Owners Learn Copywriting?

Do coffee shop owners need to know copywriting?

Hi there,


Here’s something that might surprise you: the most powerful tool in your coffee shop isn’t the espresso machine.


It’s copywriting.


Okay, if it isn't the most powerful, it's certainly up there.


The way you string words together can turn a simple cup of coffee into a must-have experience and transform casual visitors into loyal evangelists.


If you've been reading for a while, you know that I am BIG on building customer loyalty. It's a key unlock to commanding rather than obeying.


Customer loyalty empowers you to write your own prices, develop your own menu, customize how customers order and how those orders are fulfilled, and much more.


And copywriting is a phenomenal tool to accomplish this – it won't replace quality product and service, but it's the next level.

Why is your coffee special?


Think about it.


In a world where people scroll faster than they walk, your words need to make them stop, think, and feel.


Your digital presence, your menu, your sign—it’s all a conversation. And in this conversation, you’re not just selling coffee.


You’re offering moments, memories, and maybe a little magic.


Why would a customer choose to come to your coffee shop over the myriad other options in between their house and place of work? Or even over making coffee at home?


Sure, your coffee may be better than what they can make at home, but if coffee at home costs them $.50 to make, is your coffee really 10x better – justifying a 10x price?


Instead, it's the story and experience that goes with your coffee that makes it such an incredible deal.

Craft experiences, not just descriptions


Forget “espresso with milk.” How about “a warm, comforting embrace in a cup”?


Ditch "community-driven cafe." Instead, say "the coziest spot for you and your bestie to catch up."


That’s the power of copywriting.


It’s not lying—it’s illuminating the truth of the experience you offer, in terms that resonate with your customers on an emotional level.

Leveraging copywriting for your coffee shop

  1. Tell Your Story People don’t simply buy coffee; they buy stories. What’s yours? Are you the rebel, the innovator, the community’s living room? Use your story to differentiate yourself in a crowded market.   Take a look at Black Rifle Coffee Co., for example. Strong branding, story-forward, and they connect instantly with their audience (who often felt overlooked by the typical specialty coffee branding).  

  2. Menu Magic Your menu is your first handshake with a customer. Make it count. Every description is an opportunity to sell not just a beverage but an experience, a lifestyle.   Let's peek at Dutch Bros for this one. With names like The Annihilator and Golden Eagle, their drinks sound more like professional wrestlers than coffee. But it's attention-grabbing.  

  3. Promotions with Personality Running a seasonal special? Launching a new blend? Don’t just announce it—sell it with words that paint a picture and draw people in.   Okay, I know I'm mentioning Them Who Must Not Be Named, but St*rbucks does a fantastic job of promotions – they catch trends, use engaging copy, and use their own language for introducing new ideas to the market (like "blonde" for light roast, and "cold foam" for essentially whipped cream). Check out this link for how they create an engaging ad for a shaken espresso.  

  4. Content That Connects Blogs, social media posts, newsletters—this is your platform to share your passion for coffee, offer value, and build a tribe. Be interesting, be generous, and most importantly, be you.   I recently conducted a review & analysis of Portrait Coffee's website and their About page and blog stuck out to me. These pages paint a narrative while providing useful, relevant content to their audience.  

  5. Emails That Engage Use email to deepen relationships. Offer more than deals—share insights, stories, and content that enriches their day. Make opening your email the equivalent of savoring their favorite cup.   Hey, like my email newsletter! :D

Dive into copywriting


You don’t need to be Hemingway.


You just need to be authentic.


Understand your audience, speak to their desires, and always aim to add value.


The best part? The more you do it, the better you get.


So, here’s the bottom line: Copywriting isn’t a side dish in the feast of your business—it’s the main course. It’s what can set your coffee shop apart in a sea of sameness and create a loyal following.


Learn copywriting by taking a course, reading some books, take a meta-look at what some of your favorite influencers/teachers/hypemen(?) do.


Then, see where you can include copywriting in your coffee shop. Consider these areas:

  • Website content

  • Social media posts

  • Marketing, advertising, and public relations

  • Menu

  • Language your staff uses with customers

  • Email and SMS messages to customers

  • Branding and packaging

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