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Running Summer Promotions at Your Coffee Shop: Ideas to Increase Sales

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Summer is a great time to run promotions at your coffee shop! Customers are looking for ways to cool down, and what better way than with a delicious cold brew or iced espresso drink? In this blog post, we will give you some ideas on how to increase sales during the summer months. We'll discuss selling cold beverages, discounts for students and parents, and giveaways. Let's get started!

What are your top sellers for summer?

Keep in mind that some people will drink hot coffee no matter what time or temperature it is – but summer is a great season to showcase some unconventional preparations for coffee drinks. In addition to your regular coffee menu, try adding some cold brews and iced espresso drinks. These can be big sellers on hot days, and customers will appreciate the variety.

Don't forget about discounts!

During the summer months, many coffee shops offer discounts for students and parents with kids. This is a great way to get more foot traffic into your store. Make sure the discount makes sense for your business and the customer. I've seen too many businesses offer discounts that simply aren't compelling enough to make enough stop by – like offering 5% off your special drink. It's just lame and won't do anything for your brand.

Additionally, don't feel like you need to discount your top selling product or your newest product either. Instead, look at your products that people are reticent to try but love when they do – win more loyal fans over by lowering the risk through a discount. Another aspect is to identify your products with the highest margins and discount those – you'll still net decent profit with increased sales on these.

One more I want to mention is discounting ancillary items and upsells, like pastries or extra flavor. This is an effective way to get people to buy more when they come in, as well as try something new that they may not have otherwise.


Everyone loves a good giveaway, and coffee shops are no exception. Social media is a great platform for hosting giveaways. You can generate buzz around your coffee shop and get people talking about your brand by offering something really desirable. This is an opportunity to double down on your brand and support your industry. Don't just giveaway gift cards to only to increase your Instagram follower count and email list subscribers.

Think of this as a branding opportunity. Give away some of your products along with a partner business who has a complementary product – like coffee and cookies for instance. Another route is to identify your supersnobs by giving away some high-end coffee gear (basically anything from Fellow – but they're so beautiful).

Anticipate slow seasons

Keep in mind that the week right after schools get out and the week they start armer typically slow for coffee shop sales. Consider how you can build up some excitement during those times and avoid the slump. New product releases, coffee gear giveaways, or special promotions can help coffee shops avoid the lull in sales and stay afloat during these tough weeks.

There you have it! These are just a few ideas to get you started on running summer promotions at your coffee shop. By increasing foot traffic and generating buzz around your brand, coffee shop owners can have a fantastic summer!

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