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Best of Coffee News: June 2024

Alright, I'm doing something a bit different this week – delivering you some of the best coffee-related news from recent weeks.

Don't worry, I'll still continue to publish coffee business tactics and strategies in future newsletters.

Top Coffee News of June 2024

10 Reasons I Love Cold Brew Coffee – If you've been subscribed to Coffee Shop Keys for a while, you know I'm a BIG fan of cold brew.

Scary Sounds from the Espresso Machine – A spooky, Wednesday Addams-themed article explaining some espresso machine mechanics.

Coffee shops use AI to improve barista workflow: Why balancing efficiency and service is crucial – Didn't think AI would make it into the coffee shop? Think again...

Shake It Real Good – I know this sounds crazy, but the stats don't lie. Shake your grounds for better espresso extraction.


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