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18 Must-Read Books for Coffee Shop Owners

My 18 books for coffee shop owners to read to level-up their business (in no particular order)


Marketing Books for Coffee Shop Owners

Coffee & Hospitality

Business & Innovation Books for Coffee Shop Owners


Environment & Sustainability (Bonus!)


Okay, one thing about collecting book knowledge is that it has little value if it isn't put into practice.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to:

  • Read the book

  • Think through similar situations I've experienced and how I might react in the light of the material I'm reading

  • Read the Wikipedia page (great for getting the "big ideas" out of the book)

  • Boil down the book into a few key ideas

  • Reduce even more to just a couple of phrases you can pull out at any time

E.g. Purple Cow by Seth Godin is a well-known marketing book that can be distilled into one idea:

People see cows all the time – brown, black, white.

They aren't that special when you drive by herds of thousands of them.

But, if you see a purple cow, now that is worth taking note and talking about.

And distilled down even more to just one phrase: be remarkable.

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