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Weekly growth ideas for coffee shop owners 


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Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and blank on new ideas?

Sound familiar?

❌ Stress and Anxiety

❌ Fear of Failure 

❌ Burnout 

❌ No Time 

❌ Mismanaged Cash Flow 

❌ Disloyal Customers 

❌ Staff Issues 


Want these instead?

✅ Worry-Free

✅ Confidence

✅ Loving Your Business 

✅ Flexibility and Free Time

✅ P&L in the Black

✅ Customers Love Your Brand

✅ Well-Trained Staff

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About Me

 Running a coffee shop can be difficult – I know from years of experience. I grew a thriving, profitable coffee shop that customers loved.

Now, I help coffee shop owners run their business with more profit and less stress.

- Tom

“Coffee Shop Keys helps me run my cafe so that I don't feel constantly overwhelmed anymore.”

Emily J.

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