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From a Sinking Ship to a Successful Shop

I got a job as a barista at a coffee shop and shortly made inroads with the owner, discovering that she was deeply underwater on the business and looking for a change. I was interested in opening my own coffee shop, so I decided to purchase part of the business from her, and go on to purchase the remainder the following year.


While saving the coffee shop from going under, I built a community around the shop. The coffee shop became a neighborhood institution. I learned everything I could about running a profitable business. One major point is developing a brand that customers love. I rebranded the business and developed brand loyalty that grew repeat business and allowed me to command higher prices.

After the successful launch of the new brand, reducing expenses, doubling sales, and training a high-qualified staff, I decided to exit the business.

I love helping other business owners with their struggles, and overcome hurdles together. I created Coffee Shop Keys to be a place where people who own or aspire to own coffee shops can learn the lessons I spent time, effort, heartache, and money learning.


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